Saturday, November 19, 2011

by Diane~Swalk - old PTU kit now a freebie

Swalk - old PTU kit now a freebie:
hiya blog readers :)
thanks to every single one of you that follow me,
this is one of the reasons that I decided to make some of my old PTU kits freebies
and I know that there are some tuts out there with these kits and it seems a shame to waste them once they are retired...

so on that note I have another old PTU kit c alled S.W.A.L.K
that I am realeasing for your tagging pleasure
I do hope that you find it useful....please remember that these are OLD kits,
and are retired for a reason....

this one is couple of years old now, and I feel that my kits are more refined these days.....
however I think that this is still a useful kit especially for those that cannot afford to purchase kits

so you can download it HERE
its always nice toleave some love xx

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